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If you have made it here the chances are you are probably thinking of throwing a private party or hosting an event, you feel overwhelmed and you are considering hiring an event or party planner. You either don’t know where to start or you have ideas but need someone to turn them into a memorable and emotional moment. You might also find it too time-consuming and want someone to take care of all the details. You might be thinking of the dream place to celebrate your event, not just any destination in any place in the world, and our beautiful island Mallorca is one of your options. If you don’t live in Majorca, being far away just may seem a daunting task. No matter how overwhelmed you may be, we are here to listen, help and guide you all the way through.

Are you thinking of eloping, or maybe an intimate destination wedding? We can create the most beautiful day for you in our picturesque venues. We know how insecure you might feel, considering distances and the language barrier, but we are here to guide you and take care of you all the way, to achieve a perfect day.

Before you read further we would like to make a few points clear: yes, we are event coordinators & wedding planners but we do not like prefabricated mass production events. Each and every celebration must be unique and bear your own personal signature. No two people are the same so no two events can be the same. We don’t just organise parties, we craft them, we create moments that resonate with you, real and genuine events, we provide you and your guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. We create the concept, style, the colour palette, the tone, inspiration, design and vibe. 

Together we can craft an event that speaks for you, a reflection of who you are. You just have to imagine the story, and we will bring it to life.

We craft slow events: gently simmered, in a stress-free manner, enabling both of us to savour the whole process, away from formalities. 

So stop, let go, take a deep breath and enjoy, it's your moment.




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