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why majorca?


At this point most people know about our amazing island nestled in the Mediterranean Sea, just two hours flying time from all major European cities. However, to many it still remains largely unknown and many visitors continue to be surprised upon discovering the wide range of attractions the Balearic Islands has to offer. Mallorca provides an excellent mild climate all year round with an average of 300 days of sun per year, but it is much more than a "sun & beach destination".

Majorca offers a sophisticated infrastructure, more than 300 miles of coastline, a wide range of accommodation and a complementary range of amenities such as cycling, hiking, nautical sports, multi-adventure, spa & wellness, bird-watching, wine tasting, gastronomy, shopping, cultural venues. Our island offers all sorts of experiences allowing visitors to partake in multiple activities and enjoy a range of different experiences in a single trip.

We have a variety of spectacular landscapes, whether sea or mountains, which loop through the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our beaches and coves are amongst the most famous in Europe.

Our amazing island hosts major sporting events, as well as being the birthplace of sporting ambassadors, and home to international artists such as Chopin, George Sand or Robert Graves.
Majorca has all the necessary ingredients to host any kind of event: weather conditions, historic background, culture, tradition, food, fashion, beaches, mountains etc.

The venues our island has to offer go from amazing seafront villas, romantic castles, striking palaces that once belonged to noble families, houses on cliffs, to ancient abbeys and rustic farmhouses locally called “fincas”, nestled amongst the mountains or olive groves. With this variety of venues there is no doubt you will find the perfect place for your celebration.


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